Vencore Alliance has grown into a dynamic brand that encapsulates the needs and demands of the growing global market across a vast array of industries such as steel, timber, cocoa, transmission towers, rice, financial services and consultation. From trade, import and export of quality goods, and investments; Vencore has expanded their offerings in setting a global footprint across the regions of Asia to Africa.

Backed by a portfolio of both evolving and well-established organizations that are dedicated to supporting new businesses and enterprises; at Vencore we ensure that we are equipped to offer you the highest quality of goods and services required for the smooth operation of your business.


To be the most preferred and trusted partner for the trade for goods and services globally, setting industry benchmarks through our core principles of commitment, integrity and corporate citizenship.


Our mission is to provide goods and services of uncompromised quality to meet global standards. We prioritize client satisfaction with our product offering, competitive pricing, innovation and a sustainable value chain backed by our market expertise, and aim to foster long standing relationships with all stakeholders across our business.



We combine our wide network of supply chain, market knowledge and global standards to meet the demands of an evolving range of steel raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.


Our diverse range of logs, lumber and timber of various grades are sustainably sourced from reputed timber establishments in Cameroon; one of Africa’s largest and reputed timber exporters.


At Vencore, we pride ourselves in our commitment towards sourcing the finest coffee and cocoa, ensuring that our consumers receive only the freshest, richest product.  Our commitment to the process also extends to supporting our valued communities who play an integral role in our value chain.


We aim to combine a client-centered approach with end-to-end consulting solutions to provide transmission line towers of unmatched engineering and care.


Rice is deep rooted in Asian cuisine and everyday life. We understand this and have partnered with some of Asia’s finest rice operations to procure produce from the finest harvests.


Vencore’s financial and consultation services arm provides tailored business solutions backed by our trusted network of expertise, innovative financing tools and client centric strategy to assist you efficiently achieve your business goals.